NGO: Environment

Founders - Rohan Kathuria and Shiv Chadha 

In the summer of 2019, we, two high school students from New Delhi, India, founded our initiative eCycle in an attempt to help our community and make the lives of those around us better. eCycle is an initiative in which we go across communities in New Delhi and collect electronic waste from households that want to make a change to this harmful environment. This electronic waste includes anything from laptops to chargers to phones. At eCycle, we have now collected over five hundred kilograms of electronic waste and have helped create a better environment for over 10,000 people. Our goal at eCycle is not only to collect and safely deposit E-Waste but also to raise awareness about the harms of E-Waste and how it needs to be segregated. 

For Being Green, the color Green means Tranquility & Comfort to All Green is a buzz word of the world today, everybody is using it in their industry be it in Real estate industry, Music bands, organic product industry etc. For us, Green is not specific to tree greenery; Green is also related to Food, Shelter, Health, Religion, peace and development. That's why our NGO apart from plantation & environmental awareness activities, it is also involved in Education to poor, Food & clothes distribution and society empowerment. Our approach is people-friendly and our response is local-supportive. We work on the causes which are close to our heart and need attention in bringing the required change.

Solar IS is an educational and awareness building campaign located in Delhi, India. It was started by Aryaman Thareja, a grade 11 student in United World College, Singapore, who has a passion for renewable energy engineering and sustainable infrastructure. aims to create sustainable infrastructure by educating underprivileged students in schools new Delhi about the benefits of switching to solar, and has engaged in several projects with ‘Nai Disha’ an NGO, and DTEA alumni trust, at which Aryaman also installed a solar panel facility which supplies 100% of their solar needs.