NGO: Education

Raahat aims to fill the critical gaps in the community’s response to domestic violence; enhance our project’s accessibility to varied vulnerable populations; better equip our society to respond to domestic violence; and strive to end this public health issue.

Our goals emphasize our commitment to the core principles of safety, social responsibility, open communication, growth and change. Through this initiative we aim to equip ourselves and others with the knowledge on matters related to financial independence, legal reliefs, psychology, personality development and self defence amongst others. We envision a future in which our society has a coordinated and an informed approach to domestic violence, with sufficient interventions that lead to safe homes and safe communities.

Samagraa is an independent, non profit, non government charitable trust. It is a passion project, run by enthusiasts for the well being and to bridge the academic and social gap of children coming from economically weak backgrounds who have gained admission in premier, mainstream schools of Delhi, under the Right to Education act, in the EWS category. Our aim is to maximize the benefit these children have been given due to the government’s policy of inclusion and help them take a leap in life, by enhancing their skills.

NurtureLives is a youth organization that aims to bridge the

gap between knowledge and ignorance and to help the disadvantaged section of the child community including those with disabilities and those with vulnerabilities. Our activities include awareness campaigns through local media posts, conferences with public speaking opportunities and much more. In order to participate in NurtureLives’ related activities, stay tuned on our Instagram and Facebook page.